Investor Relations

Shums Group is always looking for opportunities with Prospective Investors from overseas in working with us on Joint Ventures.

Sri Lanka has one of the highest literary rates (94%) in this region and has a highly skilled and motivated work force.

The Government of Sri Lanka is encouraging foreign participation and offering attractive concessions for Foreign Investors and tax free holidays. Some of the sectors are given below:

«       Hotel and Tourism Industry
«       Construction (Apartments/Housing/Roadways/Commercial Buildings)
«       Plantations (Tea/Rubber/Coconut/Palm)
«       Textile and Garment Industry
«       IT industry
«       Services and Export Trade
«       Gems and Jewellery

Furthermore the Sri Lankan Government has now signed up Free Trade Agreements with India and Pakistan, which is an advantage in setting up Plants/Factories in Sri Lanka for the Indian and Pakistan markets.

Some of the Basic Facts of Sri Lanka :

Capital : Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte
Commercial Capital : Colombo
Population : 19.5 million
Literacy Rate : 94%
Languages : English/Sinhala/Tamil all Widely Spoken
Area : 65,610 sq km
Ports : Colombo/Galle/Trincomolee
Airport : Bandaranaike International Airport - Katunayake

We welcome all inquires.

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