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In the Year 2002, we diversified to another new business venture, to organize event management projects, with the formation of Trans-Ent.


We successfully organized the first Hawker Street of Sri Lanka in December 2002. Hawker Street was a concept well known in South Asian Countries such as Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand and Indonesia . This concept was introduced in Colombo in line with keeping the city alive during festive seasons.

For the first time in Sri Lanka and perhaps for the very first time in the world, five star hotels brought their food to the street and offered them at street prices. This opportunity was well exploited by the people of Colombo who came in thousands each day. In total over 25,000 people patronized Hawker Street and experienced the culinary specialists and live entertainment including cultural dances, live band performances.

We were invited again by the Colombo Municipal Council to organize the second Hawker Street Food Festival in May 2003, with over 100,000 member of the public participating in the event, where we provided another opportunity for the general public to experience a variety of food from Five Star Hotels and other leading restaurants in Colombo at a reasonable price.


Once again we contributed towards the concept of keeping Colombo city alive and vibrant. In both Hawker Streets we have provided vast business opportunities for food vendors and helped to increase brand awareness of our sponsors.


We are well-positioned and experienced organizers for the following types of events:



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We are strengthened by our committed and skilled team that is able to organize events in unique and creative ways, always achieving total customer satisfaction.

As a credible event organizer we welcome you to contact us and share the experience.